Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weight Gain and Loss

My lack in posting was not because I forgot I had a blog - it's because I was embarrassed.

On June 13, I had a 6 month post-op appointment. The moment my doctor looked at me, he asked the nurse to bring a scale into the room. I stepped up and the numbers said 184. He looked on his iPad to see what my pre-op weight was; it was 177.

I was 10+ pounds over what I should have weighed.

Doc said something to the effect of, "Well, we can wait until your 1 year post-op to start talking about what other areas we can sculpt or if you need me to go back in again and get rid of some of the new fat." I don't remember the exact words because all I really heard was, "Why did you ruin my masterpiece?"

Within a week, I bought a treadmill from a friend so I could run everyday and get my rear in gear. And I did - I ran everyday for 2 weeks and I felt better and tighter. I didn't see a difference in weight but I loved how I felt. Then July happened. July in Virginia is the worst month to do anything outside. (Note: our treadmill lives in the garage because it wouldn't fit in our basement so I'm basically running stationary with the 4th wall removed to provide some ventilation.) I decided that since I couldn't exercise as often, I should concentrate on eating better.

In July and August, I started eating healthier foods and drinking meal replacement smoothies. I lost 2 pounds and celebrated with pizza, which made me gain it back immediately. It was frustrating and disheartening that all of my work was so quickly un-done by one meal. Nothing was "sticking". Finally in September, I decided to give up bread, excess sugar, and dairy on a quasi LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) plat. My goal is to get to 175 before my 1 year post-op.

Friends, it's this part in the story that makes me most happy and mad at the same time. When I gave up bread, excess sugar, and dairy, I lost 8 pounds in a month.  I did minimal exercise. I did no diet plan.  (I was mad because I didn't do this sooner!) The best part is that this is something I can keep up with intentional grocery shopping and strategic restaurant selections.

The biggest positive effect of cutting out bread, excess sugar, and dairy is that my moods have stabilized at a positive level. My family has a strong history of mental illness (depression, anxiety, self harm, bipolar disorder, and suicidal behavior). I've been on medication previously and it keeps me stabilized as a zombie instead of a fully functioning member of society. In these 3 weeks, my family and I have seen a noticeable difference in my moods and temperament. My brain is less foggy and I can pause before reacting to something that goes awry.

So on this glorious 21st of September, I am officially 176 lbs.

Now onto a comparison photo!

This picture gives the best representation of a "before and after" thus far. I used to hide behind my kids so people could see the beautiful reasons for my fluff. In my 2015 picture, I was wearing 2 pairs of spanx and 2 bras to look as tiny as possible for our friend's wedding. In my 2016 picture, I didn't have to wear spanx or a control top.