Monday, December 14, 2015

How Much Does It Cost?

The question everyone wants to ask is "How much will it cost?"  Some people come right out and ask it while others start with the lead up, "Will insurance cover it?" (No, insurance will not cover my abdominoplasty or my reduction.)

My 2 procedures (Abdominoplasty and Mammoplasty) are covered by 3 separate payments:
  • $12,040 to the Plastic Surgeon
    • The Abdominoplasty is $7,480 and the Mammoplasty/Reduction is $5,700. By combining procedures, I save 20% off of the second procedure, reducing the reduction by $1,140 for a total of $4,560.  
  • $1,675.00 to the Anesthesiologists
  • $3,870.00 to the Hospital
  • Grand total: $17,585
You're most likely thinking, "WHAT?! That's a down payment on a house! That's my student loan! That's a sweet, used swagger wagon!" And you are correct. These procedures are investments, just like a down payment, student loan, or moderately used wheels. I'll be able to live a more active lifestyle and I'll finally be able to exercise regularly without pain. It will add to both the quality and quanitity of my life. It's the best investment I can make for myself and my family. Plus, I'll be able to see my feet without leaning over for the first time in over 15 years.

Little Mermaid feet ariel
Walking around on those, what do you call them?

Besides the cost of the procedures, there are also medications, special high-protein foods and supplements, supportive pillows, compression garnments, and of course new clothes.
  • Prescription medications with my insurance totaled $35. After they run out, I can continue medicating as necessary with tylenol. 
  • High Protein foods and supplements come in many forms.  I'll be using New Whey Liquid Protein, low sodium beef jerkey, greek yogurt, and lean meat. 
  • Support Pillow: I like this one here
  • The hospital will give me my first set of compression garnments and I've already purchased a few varieties from Amazon to see which ones I like the best. I'll let you know which ones work well. 

Even Ariel had transitional clothes.

I'll be in stretchy transitional clothes for the first months. I'll likely be able to keep about 30% of my current wardrobe, but it will fit differently so it may as well be new to me. I also have pre-pregancy items in storage that I'll be able to wear again.

The best parts of getting new clothes? 
  • All of my maternity pants will be gone - NO MORE BELLY PANELS!
  • All of my $80 bras will be gone!
  • All of my XXL, XL, and 14+ dresses will be given away or sold on eBay!
  • All of my M and L clothes will come out of hiding!
  • All of my skirts will be worn for the first time in 5 years! 
  • I'll be able to buy pants that zip!   

ariel new legs
To a new chapter!

As I said before, this is an investment. I'm very thankful to be a position where I can even consider these procedures and have the opportunity to finance it. This is the start of a new chapter. I'm glad you all are here for the ride!

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  1. ...and underneath that jiggly saggy overcoat will emerge a more energetic and happy you. Shed that cocoon and emerge! We are so happy that you are getting this done and we are there to help in every step.