Saturday, December 19, 2015


Whew. What a day it was.

We arrived at 6:20 because it took us a bit to find the correct parking garage, the correct building, the correct floor, then the correct check-in desk. That hospital is massive.

I checked in, gave a sample for one last pregnancy check, they took my vitals, confirmed I wasn't pregnant, I answered more pre-op questions from the check-in nurse, met the anesthesiologist who asked me more questions, first nurse came back and fumbled to give me an IV in my hand (the WORST), another nurse came in to help, they asked a third because he had pushed it too far into my hand and it wasn't delivering fluids, so he pulled it out a bit and it started working. Oy.

My surgeon came by and did the official markings on my body on where incisions would be made! He left, nurses came back, 8:00 approached, I got into the hospital bed, they gave me my anesthesia, and I passed out before I even made it to the OR.

I woke up in a recovery bay completely hopped up on oxycodone. I felt discomfort but no pain. I fell asleep every 20 minutes or so and woke up again. I'm told that my doctor came to visit me. I'm told that we waited 2 hours or so before going home, I don't remember a thing.

I do remember being wheeled out to the car and having a hard time getting into it. Then I updated my Facebook surgery group and had a really hard time typing things correctly. It was like my body was drunk but my mind was sharp - really strange. We got home, my parents saw my shrunken body, I high fived the kids, then layed down for a few hours.

The meds were so strong that I have very little details beyond this. I barely remember my post-op appointment! But I do remember taking an after photo before going to bed and the smile on my face clearly shows how much of a space cadet I was.

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