Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pain - Oxycodone > Tylenol

I was prescribed oxycodone for my pain and it worked really well. A little too well perhaps. I was high as a kite and was sleeping whenever I wasn't resting. However, my Rx only lasted 3 days at the rate I was told to take it. I then transitioned to Tylenol Extra Strength. The transition sucked.

For 2 days, I felt horrible and was horrible to be around. I was cranky, crying, confused, and just wanted to curl up into a ball if I had the ability to do so with the freaking drains in my body. I reached my breaking point and asked Jonathan to call my doctor because I was in tears. I was able to get a new prescription for Oxycodone but it had to be picked up in person because it's a powerful pain killer that is often abused or sold illegally.

My incredibly wonderful fantastic husband drove all the way to a giant parking garage 45 minutes away, walked into the office for a tiny piece of paper, went back to his car and drove back 45 minutes to a CVS, then we got it filled on the way to pick up the girls.  While he went, my mom came over and we watched several episodes of Veep and I tried my best to relax my 4 day old stitches using only Tylenol and ice water. I'm blessed to have great people in my life.

I resumed taking Oxycodone once every 5 hours as opposed to two every 4 hours as I was initially instructed. That dosage lasted for a week and it was great. I was able to relax and let myself heal. (This was also perfectly timed with us hosting two Christmases!!)

I'm now back on Tylenol and the transition was MUCH easier. I take 1,000 mg of Tylenol every 6-7 hours and it's just what I need.

Drugs are great when prescribed and used appropriately.

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