Thursday, December 24, 2015

Post Op One Week

At today's appointment, my surgeon examined his work and was pleased with my healing. The nurse slowly removed the surgical tape (ow) and apologized after my every wince. I was most hesitant for this appointment because of getting drains removed. I heard I should bring ice packs to help numb the pain. When I told the doctor that I had packs, he told me I shouldn't ice it and that it won't hurt because "WHIP" It's already done." And he pulled out both (very long) tubes at once, mid sentence.  I had no idea they went all the way up passed my belly button. It was shocking but not painful.

He called me his poster child and said not to get run over before my one year post op when my photos are taken.

He then gave me his iPad with my before photos so I could hold it up next to my body and see the incredible difference that 7 pounds of skin and adipose can make. My chest is half of its size and my tummy no longer folds over like a deflated Peter Griffin. Wow.

It's a good day.

Tomorrow is Christmas!

5 days post op

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