Monday, December 14, 2015

Pre-Op With The Hospital

I had a phone interview pre-op with my hospital last week. I frantically drove around to sponge off of a coffee house's wifi connection so I could have enough network reception to recieve the call. Because America.

Before the phone call, I completed my medical history on the online portal so that helped shorten the interview from 30 minutes to about 10.

The nurse was pleasantly reading from a script as she went over the same information I heard twice before. I'm to not eat after midnight the night before the procedure, I'm to shower with a special soap, no jewelry, I can wear nail polish (YAY!), I need someone to drive me home after the procedure (duh), I should arrive 2 hours prior to the procedure, I shouldn't shave my legs or underarms for a few days beforehand because it causes small abrasions on the skin that can become infected, and I need to listen to my body's signals during recovery.

She also asked me, "Do you snore? Probably not, you sound like a cutie." To which I replied, "I don't snore, but my husband does and he's rather cute." I'm still not sure how one's cuteness relates to snoring.

 3 more days!

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