Friday, December 4, 2015

Pre-Op With My Plastic Surgeon

I had my pre-op with my plastic surgeon this week! My mom joined me at this appointment as both moral and financial support. Many things were accomplished:

paper gown
c'est chic
  • Final payment to the plastic surgeon's practice
  • Signing many consent forms on an iPad
  • Recieving pre-surgery instructions
  • Recieving post-surgery instructions
  • Taking the "before" photos
  • Recieving prescriptions
  • Recieving additional information

We first visited with the consultant who kindly accepted the large payment via credit card. We were then escorted to an examination room where I met with a nurse to review information and sign consent forms. When it came time to take the "before" photos, my mom politely excused herself to the waiting room while I donned the sexiest pair of paper undies you ever did see. It even came in a tube. Jealous? I then put on a large paper kimono to complete the look. #werk

The nurse returned with her iPad and a large black backdrop. She took 8 photos as I rotated for a full 360 view of my body from armpit to hip. The last photo was a mug shot so they could identify the body.

She left and I then waited in the cold exam room while the doctor was nextdoor talking to another patient about a facelift. (Not that I was eavesdropping or anything). As soon as I seriously considered putting my socks back on to combat the freezing floor, he came in to shake my hand and go over additional information. He offered to draw on me again and I replied, "Sure! Why not?" He made the markings of where incisions will be made, where repairs will be done, and how much skin will be removed. I asked if they'll weigh what's removed and he said yes - it will likely be around 10 pounds! (What is it with me and my history of surgically removing 10 pounds from my body every 2 years?)

He left, I took some headshot selfies in front of the black backdrop in my sexy paper kimono, then I got dressed.

I'm more excited than ever! It's gettin' real, y'all.

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